“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a common phrase that has been used in so many generations and is most likely true.

Children between the ages of one to five are in a delicate stage where what goes on helps shape the next phase of their childhood.

At Little Explorers we ensure your child has fun and exciting adventures that will develop them academically and socially.

We believe that it is essential for parents to be highly involved in their children’s lives in order to help nurture the child’s development.

Playing and school activities are valuable to children, and considerately selecting aggravations associated to children’s interests, abilities or characteristics is important so as to motivate them to absorb knowledge and use it to grow.

We have a desire for play in our obligation to ensure possibilities for creative and imaginative activities, which allow for children to be happy and take part in amazing projects.

Early childhood is an exclusive period in the life of a child where they are carefree and build a strong foundation for academic and social growth.

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