It is very important to know how your child is performing at school. You do not necessarily have to wait till you collect your child’s assessment results at the end of a term to know their performance.

Being involved in your child’s school life is very important. It shows that you support and motivate them. It helps keep a relationship with your child that is positive for their growth and respectful to both parent and child.

When parents involve themselves in their child’s school life, they tend to work harder because which child doesn’t want to impress a parent?

As a parent, even in your busy schedule, it is important to keep tabs on your child’s school life and know what is happening. There are a few tips that can help with knowing and staying up to date with your child’s school performance;

  1. Well this one is the most obvious of them. When you ask your child about school and your child doesn’t respond, that means things are probably not going all that well. If your child is eager to tell you about school and show you their grades or what they have being learning, then your child is definitely excited about school and is doing well. All the enthusiasm makes it like a wonder ball for a child when their teacher gives them stars or stickers to show how well they are performing.
  2. Have small talks here and there with the teachers when dropping your child off at school and when picking them up. It helps you know your child’s attitude, what their up to and what they are learning. That way you keep track of your child and you build a relationship with their teacher which helps you know their performance.
  3. If your child is doing well at school, they will be a change in how they talk and how they behave. Their vocabulary expands and becomes better, their manners improve and they start to do different things that you have never seen them do.
  4. Your child starts to become passionate about different things. They may begin to tell you about their ambitions and why they have them. It means they are learning, progressing and everything is going well.
  5. Extra-curricular activities are there for the kids to participate in. This will assure you that their learning is practical which means they get to see new places and learn about various new things.

Always keep track of your child’s performance and be fully involved. This helps with your child’s progress and if anything changes along the way at least it won’t be too late for you to fix it.

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